Roger Cook Ph.D. Polygraph Examiner

Dr. Cook, a polygraph examiner since 2002, specializes in the use of the polygraph to assess and manage risk with the sex offender. Skilled in Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing, Dr. Cook’s considerable experience includes all aspects of the polygraph from the actual implementation of the test to proper program policies to maximize the benefits of the polygraph. As both a researcher and examiner Dr. Cook can provide services to ensure that quality polygraph testing and programs are in place.

Services include:

  • Polygraph Testing for Pre and Post Conviction for both Attorneys and Corrections Departments
  • Expert opinions in report form and in court
  • Evaluation of Polygraph examinations conducted by other examiners
  • Evaluation of existing programs to maximize the benefits of the polygraph and the assessment of risk
  • Consultation of problematic issues that may avoid litigation or how to prepare for litigation
  • Presentations and training on the polygraph using current empirical research

The above services are available to:

  • Attorneys
  • Corrections Officials
  • Corrections Management
  • Polygraph Examiners
  • Therapists